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Renault designer matches custom shoe design with concept cars

After nearly a decade of matching his shoes with his company’s automobiles, Renault design chief Laurens van den Acker is seeing his affinity for themed sneakers get formalised through an agreement with Le Coq Sportif.

In an interview published by Renault, Mr van den Acker discussed the design of the Twingo Le Coq Sportif sneaker. “You have to start by finding the shoe model that goes with the car. If it’s a sports shoe, you choose a car focused on performance. If it’s an urban shoe, you go for an urban car,” he said. 

“You then play on colours. For example, Le Coq Sportif has an iconic look, an immediately recognisable and very strong universe. You can use this design touch. I think Twingo Le Coq Sportif is really well done because you get an immediate Le Coq Sportif feel before you see the logo.”

Mr van den Acker’s first sneaker/car matchup was in 2010, when he wore a pair of adidas designed to match the DeZir concept car. “It was the first car in which I was involved at Renault,” he said in an interview published by Renault. Since then, he’s worn more than 20 pairs of such sneakers, matching more than 20 concept cars and series models.

Image: Photo by Yves Forestier. Laurens van den Acker wears Renault Captur sneakers, made by Le Coq Sportif. 

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