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Smart shoe tracks vitals throughout the day

Tacsense has developed a footwear application for its tactile sensors, flexible human-sensing interfaces and wearable health monitors, allowing the wearer to go about a typical day while tracking and measuring vital signs through their shoes.

Called FootWARE, the smart shoe — which was awarded a CES 2020 Innovation Award — measures heart rate, breath rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure trending and movement including trip and fall detection. 

The company expects later versions of the shoe to be able to detect peripheral artery disease and track diabetic foot care through pedal pulse monitoring of neurogenetic disorder for people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s disease.

They also expect gait analysis for neurogenic disease to be useful for patients in rehabilitation and training, and further research is being conducted into transmitting a person’s emotions, which could be particularly useful for those with down syndrome or ADHD.

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