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Reliable news service for the leather market, a collection of articles on leather from the world's leading publication for the leather industry. Registration required.

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World Leather magazine

Published six times a year, World Leather covers the production of leather worldwide. Its technical articles offer in-depth insight into the latest developments in the chemicals and machinery that allow tanners to turn waste material from the meat industry into the most versatile, high-performing and beautiful material on earth. As part of the Tannery of the Year initiative, reports from leading players in all regions provide a platform for sharing new ideas and best practice and give valuable insight into the way the world’s leading tanneries work. A new series of hard-hitting, fact-based essays on the way tanners and their suppliers work began in 2014 under the heading Nothing to Hide.

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The Framework for Leather Manufacture

The first practical academic book dedicated to tanning for over 40 years. This new book draws on and further develops work done for our previous Back to Basics series of publications. Leather making is more than a formulation which is why this book is entitled ‘The framework for leather manufacture’; this work is being published to further enhance the transition of leather manufacture of earlier times to that of an efficient, advanced and ecologically sound sector of the global economy. It will be seen as essential reading for anyone in the leather supply chain, from the provider of the raw material through to the end user of the finished product.


The Machines in the Tannery

by Walter Landmann’s – 2nd Edition Available NOW
The first edition of this work, published in 2003, was acclaimed the definitive presentation of tannery machinery. Demand for this book continues and the new edition includes new chapters covering developments in the last decade of the methodology in modern leather production.  It also includes important technical details of older classic machines still in current use. The book includes a practical selection of engineering data handy for tannery technical and production personnel, and an overview of rawhide preservation equipment.
A large number of illustrations of machines and their mechanisms
support the text. It is an essential reference for all tanneries.


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